1. Let's generate the code for fluid fonts.

First we need to generate the code for our purpose. For that you will find one really usefull generator I use here at https://utopia.fyi/generator-mk-ii/

Ajust it according to your needs.

CSS Generator Mk II

Then select 'USE CLAMP' and copy the generated code. We are going to use the created variables in Oxygen settings.

CSS Generator Mk II - select use clamp

2. Adding the code in Oxygen builder.

Select your stylesheet or create one.

Oxygen Visual Editor - Add Stylesheet

And paste the code in your ':root' selector.

Oxygen Visual Editor - Paste the code in your Stylesheet

3. Lets make it work globally.

Go to 'Settings' > 'Global Styles'.
Oxygen Visual Editor - to global styles in settings

Then select 'Body Text'.

Oxygen Visual Editor - select body text

Enter the corresponding variable for the body text font size. I personnaly choose to name my variables font 'fs' for 'font scale' but name it as you want or leave them as given by the generator.

Oxygen Visual Editor - Paste variable in font size

Do the same for the headings and you're done...

Oxygen Visual Editor - paste variables in related headings

4. Final result

As simple as that. Beautiful and efficient result for the entire site done in 3 easy steps.

Nothing transcendental of course, but no more need to think about it, everything is under automatic control, in total fluidity and without breakpoints.

Heading one

Heading two

Heading three

Heading four

heading five
Body text
Small text
even smaller text
Hope you find this helpfull. Cheers!